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Some of our Valued Clients...

The following is a list of clients that have been successfully served by the staff of AEC, Inc.

Westfield Corporation

Westfield Corporation owns and operates shopping malls throughout the world. The staff of AEC was contacted to evaluate and document 38 mall sites owned by the Westfield Corporation. After evaluating existing asset conditions, budgets, and demands, pavement management plans (PMPs) were prepared for each site. Inclusive in these plans were specifications and bidding documents for the first year of construction outlined by the PMP.

K-Mart Corporation

The K-Mart Corporation has retained the services of AEC to evaluate current conditions at various K-mart facilities. Upon completion, AEC prepared and administered the plans, specifications, and bidding documents. In addition, AEC has also offered on site construction management and testing services at numerous facilities.

Western Stabilization

Western Stabilization is a leader in the use of foamed asphalt in California and throughout the West. AEC has assisted Western Stabilization through offering deflection testing on sections of foamed asphalt pavement to verify strength. Testing of foamed asphalt has occurred in both Tehama and Yolo Counties in California.

Ocean Hills Homeowner’s Association

Sun Lakes Country Club Homeowner’s Association

Hidden Valley Lake Homeowner’s Association

The Irvine Company

RREEF Real Estate and Investment Managers

Santaluz Homeowner’s Association

Hudson Management Company

Victoria Crossings Homeowner’s Association

The Colony at California Oaks Homeowner’s Association

Auburn Lake Trails Homeowner’s Association

Discovery Bay Homeowner’s Association

The Festival Companies

The Bristol Group, Inc.

Warland Investments Company

Cielo Homeowner’s Association

Trilogy at Rio Vista Homeowner’s Association

Lake Forest II Master Homeowner’s Association

Lake Forest Keys Homeowner’s Association

University Community Homeowner’s Association

City Of Lafayette CA

AEC has provided construction management and testing services on several multi-million dollar projects throughout the City of Lafayette. Services rendered include deflection testing, nuclear gauge density testing, material sampling and testing, construction management and mitigating services.

City of Yreka CA

The City of Yreka chose AEC to evaluate and implement a pavement Management System (PMS). Current conditions were evaluated by our staff and incorporated into the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) software. Results generated by the MTC software were further verified and refined through deflection testing and coring.

City of Anderson CA

Siskiyou County CA

Deflection testing has been conducted for Siskiyou County in various locations including roads in or near the City of Dunsmuir and county roads in the Yreka and Montague areas.

Sierra County CA

For the Sierra County Transportation Commission we have provided the designs, plans, specifications, and bidding documents for various projects since 2000. These projects totaled well over four million dollars in construction costs. These projects included pavement rehabilitation on County roadways, AC overlays, and drainage improvements throughout the town of Loyalton. Full construction management services were also provided. One of these projects was a STIP funded project.

City of Redding Municipal Airport

The City of Redding underwent a major rehabilitation of its runways, taxiways, flight deck, access roads, and other associated investments. AEC was contacted to provide construction management services to ensure that sufficient compaction of the AC overlays was achieved and in compliance with or exceeded the contract specifications. Compaction was determined through the use of a Troxler nuclear density gauge and lab verification of sampled material.

City of Woodland CA

AEC has provided services for the City of Woodland ranging from deflection testing and coring to construction management and design work on numerous projects over the past eight years.

Stanislaus County CA

AEC has provided design and construction management services on a county wide pavement and drainage improvement project. Quality control and quality assurance services were provided were provided for this STIP funded project. Of note in this project was the use of rubberized AC pavements implemented within this project. The construction value of this project was 2.6 million dollars.

Yuba County CA

AEC provided design and construction management services on various roads within Yuba County. Quality control and quality assurance services were offered for this STIP funded project. Rubberized AC pavements were used over a portion of this project.

City of El Cerrito CA

AEC was integral to the success of this federally funded street rehabilitation project. AEC provided design, specifications, contract administration, and construction management duties for the City of El Cerrito. AEC Supervised and provided leadership during the entire 1.3 centerline mile project including deflection testing, data analysis, surveys for horizontal layouts and right of way limits, preliminary and alternative design plans, and all bidding documents and addendums. Cost: $1.1M.

City of Pinole CA

This was a locally funded rehabilitation project. AEC coordinated pavement engineering, construction management, inspection, and materials inspection services for the city of Pinole. The project called for the placement of 5000 tons of rubberized AC and AC level course. AEC ensured all reporting was in place in accordance with local and federal mandates and worked closely with the City to provide status updates and various field control measures implemented during construction operations. Cost: $850K

City of Concord

AEC provided the asphalt rubber overlay designs, performed the inspection, coordinated the material testing, implemented corrective measures, and provided administration for the 1.2 million dollar rehabilitation project. An in-house QC/QA plan was used to monitor the project. AEC was able to provide the City and contractor test results which included mix design verification, aggregate gradings, asphalt extractions, and final compaction results within 3 to 4 hours after final rolling.

Enterprise School District, Redding CA

AEC has a long standing relationship with the Enterprise School District. Through the years AEC has designed, maintained, provided plans and specifications, inspected, managed and administrated various projects. Everything from pavement management plans to designing sports facilities, AEC has partnered with the District to ensure value engineering and successful project completion.

Pacheco Unified School District

Shasta County Office of Education

Millville School District

Redding School District

Columbia School District

Oak Run School District

Bishop O’Dowd High School