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Awarded Project of the Year
By the American Public Works Association - 2008-2009

All Weather Track Construction Project.

Project Name: Parsons Middle School - Track and Field Rehabilitation Project, 2008

Management: AEC's Role in this project was Design and Construction Management. Project led by Bruce G. Howard, P.E.

Location: 750 Hartnell Avenue - Redding, California

Project Size in Construction Dollars: $950,000

Owner: Enterprise Elementary School District


  • A 7 lane 400 meter all weather surface track
  • A perimeter sidewalk for easy access
  • Perimeter fencing
  • PCC surfaced areas for future install of bleachers
  • Grass area and PCC flatwork incorporate with adjacent baseball field
  • Designated long jump and shot put areas
  • ADA accessibility
  • Updated (new) irrigation and grass soccer/football field
  • Updated drainage apparatus
  • All weather track surfacing using Nike Grind materials (recycled shoes)
  • Qualified for other grants specifying the use of recycled rubber products


The project initially began when the Enterprise Elementary School District (EESD) wanted to explore various options to improving their long established track at Parsons Middle School. Initially, the EESD wanted to add outside perimeter curbing to compliment the existing perimeter curbing, improve the decomposed granite surface, and perform some minor enhancements to the existing grass infield.

With the approval of a $34 million dollar school bond by Redding voters in 2008, the EESD was able to increase the scope of work, and build the facility that it had long desired to build. Based on various logistics, a 7 lane 400 meter track was built per sanctioned specifications. In addition, the track was coated with an all weather surfacing material by Atlas Track and Field which in part uses recycled shoe materials in conjunction with the Nike Grind program. Infield restoration and other improvements were rendered as a part of this project.

Completion Date: October 2008 (Grand Opening)

Construction Contractor: Sunrise Excavating and Paving, Inc.