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AEC in California
Associated Engineering Consultants
20179 Charlanne Dr
Redding, CA 96002
AEC in Colorado
Associated Engineering Consultants
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AEC's Company Philosophy

AEC's company philosophy; to function as an extension of our client's staff, to always manage projects on the client's behalf and to operate as though the project was our own. This enables us to represent our clients without conflict of interest. Our staff includes project managers, civil, mechanical and petroleum engineers, land planners and surveyors, drafting and material testing technicians, computer programming specialists and construction inspectors.

Associated Engineering Consultants, Inc. (AEC) offers a wide variety of services that meets the needs of their clients. For more information about these services, please click on the links below to view them in PDF Format.

Corporate Philosophy

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Services Include:

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Includes all of the following:

Pavement Engineering and Design

AEC offers professional pavement engineering and design services that attend to the demands of public, private and commercial investments. Traditional and cutting edge methodology is employed for effective and efficient use of funding.

Pavement Management Planning

Pavement Management Planning is the strategic analysis for evaluating pavement conditions, determining the type, cost and timing of maintenance and rehabilitation actions needed in various paved areas, prioritizing needs with respect to available funds, and budgeting the cost of improvements over several years. AEC offers pavement management planning services for properties and pavement assets large and small.

Construction Management

AEC provides a host of construction management services ranging from the reviewing of plans, scheduling, contract administration, onsite construction management and inspection, project status reporting and more. Construction management services can apply to all projects, regardless of scope and size.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Quality Control is a systematic application of management, inspection and testing methods designed to ensure that all equipment, materials and workmanship conform to contract requirements and maximize construction efficiency. AEC offers a wide array of QC/QA services that assist in ensuring a project's success.

Surveying and Geomatics

Our experienced staff of professionals can acquire a variety of field information and then render and present data in a variety of formats. In addition, our techniques comply with local, state, federal and general surveying and engineering practices. AEC makes the end product easily comprehendible and available in a host of mediums per the requirement of the end user.

Deflection Testing and Analysis

A DYNAFLECT Testing machine is a nondestructive testing device for measuring the strength of asphalt concrete (AC) pavements. Unlike most methods, DYNAFLECT deflection testing is based upon the measured strength of the existing pavement structure. This methodology provides accurate results for all pavement structures regardless of condition. AEC combines this data with projected traffic loads and provides a feasible design that is neither lacking nor overdesigned for the desired future life of the roadway.

Field Services

AEC's field staff of engineers and technicians have years of hands on experience that allows us to operate in an efficient and economical manner when rendering field services and design support. In addition, the engineers of AEC apply this field knowledge to the design and drafting processes and offer our clients a more complete product.

Design Support

AEC offers various levels of design support ranging from fundamental engineering services, drafting, value engineering, feasibility and economic evaluations, estimating and document analysis.

Forensic Engineering and Analysis

AEC offers various services addressing sensitive engineering topics such as emergency response, contract disputes, mitigation and forensic investigation and analysis. The acquisition of data and subsequent analysis is done in a professional and unbiased manner.

Materials Testing

AEC offers a wide range of materials testing services. Services include the testing of flexible and rigid pavements, in place nuclear density and core density testing, soil sampling and testing, aggregate testing, AC and slurry seal mix design review and a host of other services. Services are conducted in a professional manner and results are often expedited due to the nature and demands of construction and the respective testing required, ensuring superior materials and workmanship.